What causes the hearing aid without sound?

What causes the hearing aid without sound?

When the hearing aid is worn, there is no sound at all. In such a situation, it is often very anxious to rush to the hearing center. In fact, there are many reasons why the hearing aid has no sound, and some of the small problems can be detected and eliminated at home.

Reason 1: the battery is running out of power
The battery voltage of some hearing aids is not stable. When the power is low, the voltage is easily dropped, which is lower than the voltage required for the hearing aid to start, resulting in no sound in the hearing aid.
Ways of resolution:
a, in this case, we can take out the battery and put it in a small box for a while, then use it again; because it is a zinc-vacuum battery, after the air is fully contacted again, the voltage can be restored, you can continue to use one. a short period of time;
b, directly replace the brand new battery;
c. If you want to prevent this from happening, you can purchase a battery with higher voltage stability.

Reason 2: The battery is dead.
The battery of the hearing aid has a certain service life. When it is completely dead, the hearing aid has no sound.
Ways of resolution:
a. Most hearing aids will emit a “low battery sound” about half an hour before the battery is about to be out of power; when hearing this special tone, it is ready to replace the new battery;
b. If you don’t hear the tone, but it is silent, you can use the “tester” to check the battery’s power. After confirming that there is no power, replace the new battery directly and the sound is restored.

Reason 3: The battery compartment door is not closed.
Most hearing aids are turned off by opening the battery compartment door. When you want to use the hearing aid again, you should properly close the battery compartment door and use it normally. In fact, for various reasons, the battery compartment door is not closed and the hearing aid has no sound.
Ways of resolution:
a, accidentally put the positive and negative poles of the battery, the battery compartment door can not be closed, so when re-disposing the battery, distinguish the positive and negative;
b, after the battery compartment door is closed, there is only a very small seam that is not easy to be detected with the fuselage; in case you can see a thick seam at a time, the battery compartment door is not closed, please close it again. The sound is restored.

Reason 4: The pole piece in the battery compartment is in poor contact with the battery
Obviously the battery is new, or it has not been used for a few days. After the correct placement, there is no sound. Looking inside the battery compartment, it is found that the pole piece is not normal and there is no way to contact the battery normally.
Ways of resolution:
a, the pole piece is smashed backwards, you can use a small screwdriver to push it forward, reset, sound recovery;
b, the pole piece is extremely rusted, you can take the hearing aid to the fitting center and send it to the factory for repair.

Reason 5: The sound outlet is completely blocked
During the use of the hearing aid, it is necessary to clean the sound hole regularly, and to clean the ear regularly to prevent the sound hole from being blocked by the ear wax; however, this situation cannot be completely avoided.

Ways of resolution:
a, do it yourself, use a special sweeper to clean the sound hole of the hearing aid, remove the earplug or ear mold if necessary, or replace the ear wax net, and restore the sound;
b. Take the hearing aid to the fitting center, let the professionals help, and relearn how to clean the hearing aid at home.

Reason 6: the microphone port is blocked
Hearing aids need to be waterproof, anti-collision, and dust-proof. Although some hearing aids have a certain level of dust-proof function, they live in a place with a lot of dust, and the microphone port facing the outside is most likely to be blocked.
Ways of resolution:
a, routinely wipe the body with a paper towel or handkerchief, including the microphone position, and then use a special sweeper to clean the debris of the microphone mouth, the sound is restored;
b. Take the hearing aid to the fitting center, hand it to the professional, and send it to the factory for repair if necessary.

Reason 7: The hearing aid is broken
There are many reasons why the hearing aid is broken. When it is ensured that the above reasons have been eliminated and the hearing aid still has no sound, the consideration may have broken.
Ways of resolution:
If you want to eliminate many of the above reasons, it is best to go to the hearing aid fitting center to seek professional treatment; if it is determined that it has broken, you should send it to the factory for repair.

If none of the above is true, it is recommended that the hearing aid be sent to the factory for inspection.


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