4 methods to teach you how to judge the effectiveness of hearing aids

4 methods to teach you how to judge the effectiveness of hearing aids

We often encounter people who wear hearing aids in their lives. Some people say that wearing a hearing aid is particularly effective. Now, hearing aids are indispensable. And some people ca n’t hear anything clearly, it ’s better not to wear it! So, what is the effect of wearing a hearing aid? Why is there such a big difference?

Hearing aid, as the name suggests, it is a tool to assist in listening to sound, and it does not have an intervention effect. Some people always enlarge and idealize the effect of hearing aids, hoping that they will return to normal hearing when wearing hearing aids. In fact, hearing aids amplify external sounds according to individual needs to meet their own hearing compensation requirements and meet the daily life and work needs of hearing-impaired people. They cannot replace real ears. Therefore, we must have a correct understanding of the effects of hearing aids and reasonable expectations.

The effect of hearing aid selection is good or bad, and it usually depends on the following factors:

1. Degree of hearing loss. Hearing aids are more suitable for moderate hearing loss and have better results. And there are more choices in models. Hearing aids do not improve mild and severe hearing loss as much as moderate hearing loss. Extreme severe hearing loss is poor, and the choice of models is very limited.

2, the length of hearing loss and hearing intervention sooner or later. Intervention or hearing intervention should be conducted after hearing loss is found, and hearing aids or other rehabilitation methods should be selected. Hearing loss without timely intervention will lead to a gradual decline in speech resolution. So the sooner the patient intervenes, the better the effect of wearing a hearing aid.

3. The difference between pre-speech or post-speech hearing loss. Patients with preverbal hearing loss have no language foundation, and all speech depends on the clarity of hearing aids to learn the language. So there are higher requirements for the age. Patients with post-speech hearing loss have a language foundation, and hearing aids are required to improve the sound to achieve the purpose of hearing the language clearly. Therefore, the effect of hearing aids will be significantly better than the former.

4. Diseases and lesions that cause hearing impairment. Hearing aids with different hearing loss caused by different diseases have different effects.


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