Auditory behavior grading standard

Auditory behavior grading standard

CAP (categories of Auditory Performance) is a questionnaire that reflects the level of hearing in the patient’s daily life environment. It is applicable to a wide range of ages, from infants to adults, to meet the needs of patients from children to The need for auditory assessment in the adult process.

The standard is divided into 1~8 levels, and close contacts in the patient’s living environment are graded according to the patient’s behavioral response to all external sounds, including ambient sounds and speech sounds.
Auditory behavior grading standards:

ratingjudgment criteria
7Use the phone to communicate with people you know
6Communicate with people without lip reading
5Understand the commonly used short sentences without lip reading
4Can discern some speech without lip reading
3able to distinguish environmental sounds
2Respond to speech (eg, walking, etc.)
1can sense the ambient sound
0can’t sense ambient sound

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