Can tinnitus patients wear hearing aids?

Can tinnitus patients wear hearing aids?

Tinnitus is a very annoying thing, especially when sleeping, when the outside world is relatively quiet, tinnitus will be more obvious, and often make myself unable to fall asleep. And tinnitus is usually a precursor to hearing loss, and many patients with hearing loss are also accompanied by tinnitus. Many patients ask “Can I treat tinnitus after wearing a hearing aid?”

To answer this question, we must first talk about tinnitus. The cause of tinnitus is more complicated. The symptom usually shown is hearing tinnitus, which is not the same. Some people hear a beep, and some people It’s a murmured low voice, and some people have various voices. Some people can hear tinnitus all the time, others are intermittent. These are different from person to person.

Besides, wearing hearing aids has no therapeutic effect on tinnitus. First of all, hearing aids do not have a therapeutic effect, and neither tinnitus nor deafness can be cured through hearing aids. Hearing aids are only supporting. Some patients do have a function of masking tinnitus after wearing hearing aids, and some people have only slightly improved. In fact, everyone’s tinnitus may be different from the cause or the symptoms. So the effect of hearing aids is not the same. This requires the patient to go to the fitting center for a hearing test to see the intensity and frequency of tinnitus, and then listen to a hearing aid with a tinnitus masking function. The fitter will adjust the hearing aid according to your tinnitus situation. Really feel the hearing aid’s suppression and improvement of tinnitus. If it does improve, then we recommend that you choose a hearing aid with tinnitus masking function, so that the effect will be better.


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