Why do hearing aids require regular commissioning?

Why do hearing aids require regular commissioning?

It is impossible for a hearing aid to wear without problems. The fitting engineer should help the hearing impaired to solve the problem in a timely manner. There are mainly the following reasons for regular adjustment after wearing:

1, changes in the external auditory canal and ear model of hearing impaired children

Due to the continuous development of the body of hearing-impaired children, the diameter of the external auditory canal will gradually increase, so it is necessary to make a new ear mold. And the change of the sound hole when the ear mold is changed will cause the acoustic characteristics of the hearing aid to change, and debugging needs to be performed to ensure that the hearing compensation of the hearing impaired children continues to be in an optimal state.

2, changes in hearing of the elderly

With the increase of age, their hearing will also change with them. Although the fitters generally leave the hearing loss debugging scope for hearing aids, the elderly still need to visit the fitting center regularly to debug the hearing aids.


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