US President ’s secret weapon is actually a pair of hearing aids

US President ’s secret weapon is actually a pair of hearing aids

Prior to the 1996 physical examination, the handsome and promising Mr. Clinton did not know that he had high frequency hearing loss. After that, he quickly accepted the fact.

Why is there a problem with hearing?

Mr. Clinton is thinking hard, maybe because he likes to listen to rock music, likes to play saxophone, and likes to use shotguns. The violent and passionate music brought shock and consolation to the soul, and it was also invisible, which damaged his hearing.

As an important representative of the United States, how can he let his hearing loss overcome himself?

In 1997, Mr. Clinton was immediately equipped with a pair of customized hearing aids.

The pair of hearing aids are so secretive that few people can find them immediately.

What’s more worth mentioning is that in addition to Mr. Clinton, more than a dozen US presidents have had hearing problems. Is it too stressful or too much time to practice guns?

Even the president of the United States is using hearing aids. Are you still wondering if it is useful?


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