What are Bluetooth hearing aids?

What are Bluetooth hearing aids?

Bluetooth – named, for whatever reason, after an old Norse king – is a wireless connectivity function boasted by a lot of tech nowadays. We won’t go into how it works, since it’s not the most engaging lecture – and, if we’re being honest, we don’t understand it.

As far as this article is concerned, you just need to know that it’s a way of wirelessly connecting one device to another – like your headphones to your phone, or your phone to your computer.

Knowing this, you can hopefully figure out what a Bluetooth hearing aid is – a hearing aid that can wirelessly connect to your phone or TV. It goes without saying that this is a handy feature for hearing aids.

It’s one thing to wear hearing aids and have the sound from the TV travel through the air to be digitally converted by your hearing aid. However, it’s another thing entirely to have the TV’s sound directly and appropriately streamed right into your ear.

And, as expensive as hearing aids can be, at the very least you might be able to save by not splurging on wireless headphones. Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to your phone or MP3 player and act exactly the way headphones would – streaming music (or whatever you want) straight into your head.

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