Jinghao Hearing Aid Science: What is Hertz?

One hertz

Jinghao Hearing Aid Science: What is Hertz?

Jinghao hearing aid experts say people who come into contact with hearing aids often hear a unit called “Hertz”. What is “Hertz”?


The number of times the vibration is completed per unit time is called the frequency. The unit of frequency is Hertz, and the vibration of 1 seconds is called 1 Hertz (Hz).

Sound can be quantified in both time and space. Quantification from the perspective of time refers to the cycle and frequency. Quantitatively in terms of space, mainly refers to amplitude and wavelength.

The time required to periodically vibrate once is the reciprocal of the frequency, usually in milliseconds (ms). For example, a pure tone with a frequency of 1000 Hertz, the period is 1 milliseconds.

Jinghao hearing aid experts say that the frequency of human conversation is usually between 500 and 3000 Hz. The difference between pure sound, complex sound and speech is also the difference in frequency. Pure tone refers to sound of a single frequency and is often used in hearing tests. Voice is the sound of people’s daily conversation. Compound music and noise are both, they both contain multiple frequency components.


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