Is your hearing aid using the classic Bluetooth protocol?

Is your hearing aid using the classic Bluetooth protocol?

Most hearing aid brands have used Bluetooth for many years as a way to connect with other devices. Most manufacturers use the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol to connect to Apple devices.

The problem is that before Bluetooth low energy can only be directly connected to Apple devices, it is not compatible with Android and other devices .

The Jinghao mini rechargeable hearing aids use classic Bluetooth the Bluetooth Classic) protocol to meet the needs of its audio streams and call, Apple devices, Android devices, and other multimedia devices can be directly connected.

So what are the differences between these two Bluetooth technologies?

Geoffrey Cooling is an Irish hearing aid blogger who has been in the hearing aid industry for more than 10 years, and has been legendary for his sharp words. Not long ago, an evaluation article about wireless direct connection was published on Hear Aid Know’s official website.

Now let’s follow this senior hearing aid expert to learn more about Bluetooth wireless direct connection:

Throughput and sound quality

Throughput refers to the amount of data (measured in bits, bytes, packets, etc.) that a network, device, port, virtual circuit, or other device successfully transmitted per unit of time.

Jinghao ‘s wireless direct-connect products use classic Bluetooth, which can carry more data information and provide better sound quality than Bluetooth low energy.

Geoffrey Cooling mentioned: ” The fact that classic Bluetooth carries more data makes it ideal for audio streaming, which can provide a better audio streaming experience. ” ” Sound enthusiasts will definitely notice this difference. 

” In terms of throughput and sound quality, classic Bluetooth is undoubtedly better. 

Connection compatibility

The classic Bluetooth used by Jinghao ‘s wireless direct connection products can be directly connected to almost all Bluetooth devices with audio output for audio streaming.

Geoffrey Cooling mentioned: ” Classic Bluetooth is definitely the winner in terms of connectivity compatibility. Connection stability

Jinghao ‘s wireless direct connection products will have better connection stability due to the high throughput of classic Bluetooth .

GeoffreyCooling mentioned: ” Usually, both technologies provide a stable connection. Bluetooth low energy may block some connection signals by the human body. During the streaming audio transmission, if there is a human body block between the mobile phone and the hearing aid, it may cause The audio is disconnected and usually breaks one ear. Usually, once you move the phone, it can be solved. In my experience, classic Bluetooth does not seem to have encountered problems, mainly because of the high throughput of the technology. 

Answer the phone

Jinghao ‘s wireless direct-connect products support hands-free calling , while those using Bluetooth low energy do not.

Geoffrey Cooling mentioned: ” There is a huge difference between hearing aids using Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy. Using Classic Bluetooth allows hands-free calling, which is a very simple fun. If you ca n’t hold your phone for some reason, It can bring many convenient benefits. 


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