Writer David Owen’s new work: This “deafening world” is hurting our hearing

Writer David Owen’s new work: This “deafening world” is hurting our hearing

Our ears are like a complex and sophisticated instrument that evolved in a much quieter environment than we are now, with no rock concerts, noisy restaurants, power tools and protective earplugs…

Writer David Owen (David Owen) we are now in the era described as a “deafening” era, in his new book, Volume Control (translated as volume control), the introduction of high-intensity noise in life is how hurt Our hearing .

Irving warns that even small household appliances like food processors and hair dryers can cause noise, and long-term exposure can cause permanent damage to hearing.

He pointed out that people with no significant noise in their lives tend to have less hearing loss.He said : ” There are several targeted studies showing that elderly people living in very quiet environments have almost the same level of hearing as their children. “

Irving advises people to carry earplugs with them and don’t be shy about using them.Most recently, he was looking at the “Dunkirk” (Dunkirk, an explosion scenes than dialogue film) put on a pair of earplugs before.He said: ” I feel that hearing protection equipment can be used on many occasions to reduce the damage of high-decibel sound to the ear. “

Let’s listen to David Owen views and understanding of hearing loss now.

The impact of hearing loss on people

People with hearing impairments often have a variety of problems.Hearing loss makes our brains overloaded.If you can’t hear what others are saying, you have to work harder to understand, and the brainwork you use to do this will prevent you from focusing on other things.People with hearing loss tend to retreat.

Therefore, the health effects of hearing loss are not necessarily medically relevant, it permeates all aspects of our lives.But we tend to ignore it.

It takes an average of 10 years from the first discovery of a hearing problem to the visit.We don’t treat it like other sensory problems.If you have trouble seeing things, you will naturally wear glasses.But people tend to wait a long time to buy a hearing aid.

Why is it difficult to hear the conversation in a bar or restaurant?

The reason why you can’t hear it is because there are other voices around you. It’s hard to focus on the people you want to hear.Young people have fewer problems in this area, and their hearing system automatically filters out unwanted conversations.

But unfortunately, restaurants will take advantage of this, and as night falls, they tend to turn up the volume of music.

In this way, the diners will reduce their speech and consume more, and will also “catch out” those customers who are too late to get up… just zoom in on the volume.This will allow you to receive the next batch of guests.This has increased the difficulty of people listening to conversations in noisy public places.


How does hearing loss affect veterans

In the United States, the largest customer base for hearing aids is veterans.Among the veterans’ health claims related to service, the first and second rankings are hearing loss and tinnitus.

Soldiers have long been exposed to gunshots, especially to the sound of explosions. Even at bases other than fighting, high-decibel military communication signals can damage military hearing.

One of the most noisy work environments in the world is the aircraft carrier. As long as you stay on the aircraft carrier, you have exposed yourself to sounds that are enough to permanently damage your hearing.


About tinnitus and its treatment

By consulting relevant research data, we found that under the current technology, you can’t help with tinnitus, can’t let it disappear, and can’t cure it.The treatment of tinnitus is to learn to adapt to it.

Fortunately, my character makes it easy.

When I was told that I could do nothing about it, I thought, “Oh, great.Then I don’t have to do anything. ”In fact, this is what people who suffer from tinnitus should do.

Dealing with tinnitus, I think you need to do it: I can hear it, but for the most part, I can ignore it.

Some people have a hard time doing this because they can’t stand the inexplicable tinnitus in their heads.For them, treatment is usually cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, or medications used to treat anxiety or depression. If you learn to get used to tinnitus and don’t care about it, most people can significantly improve their symptoms.

Sometimes hearing aids can also help you.If you are accompanied by hearing loss, you will hear more other voices, and maybe you can also eliminate tinnitus.

A psychologist once described this to me: “You have a candle in a dark room (the candle is like a tinnitus), and if you turn on the light, the candle is less conspicuous.”Just as the tinnitus patient wears the hearing aid because he hears more sounds, the tinnitus is no longer so awkward and is always watched.


Causes of tinnitus

Tinnitus is not noise, it is something that happens in your brain and cannot be offset by physical vibration.It is not a sound wave and is an electrical activity that is not controlled by sound suppression technology.

According to the current definition of the tinnitus mechanism, it can be approximated as phantom limb pain.

I don’t know if you have heard that when a person loses his limbs, for example, he loses an arm, but he can still feel the pain in his arm or in the broken arm position, but in fact the arm is no longer there.

The reason for this phenomenon is that the brain is accustomed to receiving nerve signals from this part of the body. When it no longer receives such signals, he makes his own guess about the part of the signal that should exist.

The same is true for tinnitus. You may lose hearing at certain frequencies, but the brain is accustomed to receiving auditory signals at these frequencies, so when these signals disappear, it fills the gap with its own voice, but in reality it is only Electrical activity of the brain’s auditory system.

Different types of auditory problems

The worst case I have ever encountered is a patient with hypersensitivity (also called phobia), which is the opposite of hearing loss.For him, the sound he heard was louder than anyone else heard. Even at home, he would wear huge earmuff headphones, and a piece of paper could drive him out of the room.

He said: “One time after a few hours of conversation, I can hear what the other person said in my mind and play it over and over again.”This is a kind of tinnitus.Another person I know, he said that he often hears a group of people talking in the distance, he can almost hear what they are saying.Therefore, auditory problems can manifest in many forms.


How do musicians experience hearing loss?

Compared to the instruments played by the people sitting behind you, the instruments you play may have less impact on your hearing.So if you have a loud instrument behind you, you are the one who is affected.

It was only recently that this was recognized as a problem.Because of a recent lawsuit, an orchestra musician filed a lawsuit against him because he said his hearing was damaged by a musician sitting behind him.

Now, you may sometimes see a violinist, who may have a “shield” made of plexiglass behind her to deflect the sound of the instrument behind her.

Of course, not only do you need to pay attention to the possibility of hearing loss in those performances, musicians always practice in a small room for several hours, but the sound of the instruments is very loud, which will undoubtedly damage their hearing.What’s more, in a big symphony hall, the band usually needs to play in a very high decibel sound.

There are many factors that cause hearing loss, and some may be so small that you don’t pay attention, such as plugging in headphones to listen to music.However, long-term high-decibel sound stimuli are likely to cause progressive damage to your hearing.

Therefore, pay attention to the small details that may cause hearing loss in your life . If necessary, you can reduce the possibility of hearing loss or tinnitus. Do not let this “deafening world” damage our hearing.


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