Why do you want to wear hearing aids in both ears?

Why do you want to wear hearing aids in both ears?

Due to the cognitive misunderstanding of hearing patients or their families, many patients only intend to wear a hearing aid at the beginning. After detailed explanation by the acoustic bridge hearing aid experts, most patients will choose to wear hearing aids in both ears unless it is really economically difficult.

It is equally important to listen with both ears and with both eyes! If you have hearing loss in both ears, you will benefit from the binaural hearing aid.

1. Improves sound source positioning: Why do people have two ears? Because the brain needs information from both ears to determine the direction of the sound. We can judge the position of the sound because of the physiological distance between our ears. For example, the car horn on your left will reach your left ear for a shorter time than the right ear, and the energy will be larger. That’s why you can immediately know that the car is approaching quickly from the left. This natural approach allows you to live safely and comfortably every day.

2. Listen freely in noisy environments: noisy background noise makes it difficult to keep up with others. For those with hearing loss in both ears, it is more difficult to distinguish the sound from the background noise immediately. The brain needs to input sound from both ears to effectively distinguish the sound.

3. Improves the sound level: Compared to a single ear, wearing both ears increases your actual listening performance by about 6dB. This means that you can listen to it easily and improve your language understanding and reduce the possibility of audible feedback.

4. Eliminates the cephalometric effect: If a hearing aid is worn with a single ear, the head’s transmission of sound will have a blocking and attenuating effect, which is the head shadow effect. The cephalometric effect refers to the hearing impaired ear without hearing aids. Under normal circumstances, the source of sound is inaudible or difficult to locate. Especially for high frequency sounds larger than 1500Hz, the attenuation can be as high as 10-16 decibels. And the understanding of speech is very important. The binaural optional hearing aid can fundamentally solve the head shadow effect and eliminate the attenuation caused by the cephalometric effect.

5. Reduces the risk of hearing loss: binaural hearing aids reduce the risk of further hearing loss. The condition of binaural matching is only matched with a hearing aid, which wastes the hearing of one ear. There are still residual hearing ears for long periods of time, lack of sound stimulation, it will lead to the loss of brain auditory nerve function, and thus lose the sound processing ability, so that the hearing function damage is exhausted. So the sooner you wear a hearing aid with your ears, the less likely this danger will occur.

6. Children’s hearing loss: reducing the risk of hearing loss is especially important for children with hearing loss. The ability of the brain and the auditory nerve to process sound information is gradually developed as the child grows. The smaller the child, the more likely it is to regain the sound, and the easier it is to establish a link between the brain and the sound. This ability to listen and imitate sound will lay the foundation for the future development of language skills.

7. More audible sound: The stereo has two amplifiers, and the two speakers make the music sound more realistic and more stereoscopic. Similarly, if you wear a hearing aid with both ears, it will be a lot more comfortable to hear the sound.

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