Which brand of hearing aid is better for seniors?

Which brand of hearing aid is better for seniors?

Many senile hearing-impaired patients and family members think that it is normal for hearing-impaired people to be older. There are also elderly people who are very receptive to hearing aids, worrying that long-term use of hearing aids can damage hearing and is dependent on hearing aids. These misconceptions can cause severe hearing impairment in the elderly.

Because human aging is irreversible, senile hearing impairment is composed of sensorineural hearing impairment and mixed hearing impairment. It cannot be treated with drugs or surgery. It must be controlled and interfered by wearing hearing aids to achieve better listening results and The purpose of rehabilitation. Wearing hearing aids can slow the process of hearing degradation, help improve the hearing status of the elderly, prevent further hearing loss, and improve the mental state of the elderly. Therefore, hearing aids should be worn as early as possible in order to preserve residual hearing, delay aging, and improve quality of life.

So what kind of hearing aids is good for the elderly? —— The specific choice of hearing aids depends on the situation of the elderly

1. The elderly ear canal expansion (muscle, skin) begins to shrink and relax, it is recommended to choose the back of the ear; for beauty or other, you can choose the ear canal, not the deep ear canal.

2. The typical hearing curve of senile hearing impairment is that the high-frequency hearing is significantly reduced (4-8KHZ), which is a descent (steep) or slow-down, and the middle and low frequency hearing is acceptable.

With high-profile tinnitus or pulsatile tinnitus. Senile hearing impaired language has poor resolution and poor sound orientation. It is recommended to choose middle and high-end hearing aids.

3.There are two ad hoc types of senile hearing impairment audiograms:

A) Hearing impaired with a family history under 65 years of age, the hearing curve diagram is flat or basin type;

B) Vascular stria senile hearing impairment, the hearing curve diagram is low-level. It is recommended to choose high-end hearing aids.

Hearing loss occurs in people aged 30-40 years, increases in age 50-60 years, peaks in age 60-75 years, and hearing stability in 75-90 years old is stable again. The power of hearing aids for the elderly should be higher, leaving room for hearing changes and debugging.

The hearing loss of the elderly, the vision will also decline, and the response of the hands and body is slow. When selecting a hearing aid, the “switch, volume adjustment key, function key (gear)” of the hearing aid should be easy for the elderly to recognize and operate. Hearing aids, the simpler the operation, the better.

The choice of hearing aids for the elderly is not a choice of brand and price. The key is suitable and good-performance hearing aids. Old people often think that a certain brand or model of hearing aids used by people around them is better, and they think they will be better. In fact, everyone’s hearing impairment and speech discrimination are different, and even for the same brand and model, the parameters set for hearing aids are completely different. Choose hearing aids according to your situation.


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