What type hearing aids is good for elderly or seniors people hearing loss

What type hearing aids is good for elderly or seniors people hearing loss

There are many different types of hearing aids,which depend on its case or shape.

It is including the types of:

1.Behind-the-ear (BTE) aids: Most parts are contained in a small plastic case that rests behind the ear; the case is connected to an earmold or an earpiece by a piece of clear tubing. Also, the BTE aids are easy to be cleaned and handled, and are relatively sturdy.

2.”Mini” BTE (or “on-the-ear”) aids: A new type of BTE aid called the mini BTE (or “on-the-ear”) aid. It also fits behind/on the ear, but is smaller. A very thin, almost invisible tube is used to connect the aid to the ear canal. Mini BTEs may have a comfortable ear piece for insertion (“open fit”), but also increase comfort, reduce feedback and address cosmetic concerns for many users.

3.In-the-ear (ITE) aids: All parts of the hearing aid are contained in a shell that fills in the outer part of the ear.

4.In-the-canal (ITC) aids and completely-in-the-canal (CIC) aids: These hearing aids are contained in tiny cases that fit partly or completely into the ear canal. However, their small size may make them difficult to handle and adjust for some people.

According to the 4 different types of hearing aids,we JingHao suggest to provide the BTE hearing aids types to elderly people.

Because,the BTE aids are easy to be cleaned and operated, and are relatively sturdy.Meanwhile,there are many advantages with the BTE hearing aids:

1.The BTE hearing aids is the most powerful hearing aid device. While it’s appropriate for all types of hearing loss, it’s the only option for people with severe hearing loss and may be the best option for people with high-frequency hearing loss.

2. The BTE hearing aid will produce minimal feedback (an audible whistle) even when the volume is turned up high because the components are farther apart than those in smaller hearing aids.


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