What is the benefits to wear 2 sets hearing aids?

What is the benefits to wear 2 sets hearing aids?

There are 10 benefits for wearing 2 sets of a pair hearing aids for both ears,said by JingHao hearing aids supplier from China.

  • To improve the ability of sound source positioning by ears
  • To Improve the noise reduction and speech comprehension
  • To enhance the binaural loudness integration effect
  • To avoid delayed auditory deprivation effect
  • To delay the auditory nerve function decline
  • To  improve listening comfort, participate in multiplayer conversation
  • To eliminate the Cephalometric effect
  • To mask the tinnitus phenomenon
  • To prevent unilateral auditory fatigue
  • To reduce the Occlusion effect

As the practice proved, for the first time fitting or unilateral ear wear users, the Occlusion effect has reduced obviously after wearing 2 sets of pair hearing aid for both ears.

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