There some benefits from wearing two hearing aids

There some benefits from wearing two hearing aids

1.Improved speech understanding, especially in noise

The brain receives auditory input from both ears. As the brain interprets sound, it uses information from both ears to distinguish between noises such as background noise and speech. If the brain receives data from one side and not from another, it can misinterpret what is heard.

Research shows that most listeners who wear two hearing aids have an easier time understanding speech in the presence of background noise.

2.Improved sound localization

Sound localization refers to the ability to determine where a sound originates. Two hearing aids receive sound from both sides of the head and transmit the information to the brain. If the sound signals are always louder through one ear, the brain has more difficulty identifying the source. However, if the brain is able to compare the relative loudness of what is heard, it can more easily and accurately determine the location of the sound.

3.Improved sound quality

Two hearing aids allow the audiologist to lower the volume for both aids. This promotes the audibility of soft sounds while limiting the distortion of louder sounds. It also promotes a sense of auditory balance, fullness, and clarity.

An estimated 10 dB of additional gain can be added to promote the overall enhancement of sound quality when two hearing aids are worn.

4.Reduction in the annoyance of tinnitus

When tinnitus is caused by hearing loss, hearing aids can be used to manage its symptoms.


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