The difference between hearing aids and cochlear implants

The difference between hearing aids and cochlear implants

For people with hearing loss, they may have two choices, wearing a hearing aid or implanting a cochlear implant.

What is the difference between a hearing aid and a cochlear implant? What kind of people are suitable for each? Hearing aids have the sameities and differences in cochlear implants. The same thing is that both can be called hearing aids. They use special electronic circuits to convert external sound signals into electrical signals. A sound signal acceptable to the human body. The difference is that the hearing aid is an amplifier that can fully amplify the external signal, pass it into the ear canal of the hearing impaired person, pass it through the middle ear, and then pass it into the inner ear hearing receptor, so that the hearing impaired can hear this kind of ” The sound of zooming in. The working principle of the cochlear implant is not to amplify the sound, but to apply a pulsed electrical stimulation to the auditory nerve in the cochlea, which is still intact, so that the patient can regain the sound.

Hearing aids are suitable for patients with mild to severe hearing loss. However, due to the type and quality of the hearing aid, the amplification effect of the sound signal is also different, that is, the “fidelity” of the sound signal is different. Hearing impaired people will feel different. Cochlear implants are suitable for people with very severe hearing impairments, ie people who can’t help with hearing aids. And there are many types of hearing aids, ear-back machines, in-ear machines, ear canal machines, invisible hearing aids, and many types are available.

A cochlear implant is an electronic device that converts sound into an encoded electrical signal by an in vitro speech processor. The implanted body’s electrode system directly excites the auditory nerve to restore, enhance, and reconstruct the auditory function of the deaf. In the past two decades, with the development of high technology, cochlear implants have progressed rapidly and have entered clinical application from experimental research. Cochlear implants have been used worldwide as a routine method for treating severe sputum to total sputum. Cochlear implants are currently the most successful biomedical engineering devices. Cochlear implants require a very rigorous preoperative assessment, with absolute contraindications and relative contraindications, so not everyone is suitable for cochlear implants. And need to go to a regular hospital for surgery.

Whether wearing a hearing aid or implanting a cochlear implant, it takes a certain period of adaptation. In particular, the cochlear implant has a great difference from the fineness of the healthy human cochlear structure, so there is some difference between the perceived sound and the natural sound. It takes a long time for the post-speaker to undergo a few months of rehabilitation training, while the pre-existing sorcerer (child) has to undergo 2-3 years of language rehabilitation to achieve a better result.

At present, the cost of a cochlear implant plus surgery costs about 20, and the price of a hearing aid ranges from a thousand to tens of thousands.

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