Hearing loss is a pretty serious disability no matter which way you look at it. In America alone, 48 million people have fallen prey to this physical condition. Judging by the trends, the numbers are only set to increase. Perhaps the most damaging aspect of hearing loss is that it is permanent. That is, once hair cells in the inner ear have become redundant, they cannot be brought back to functional form. Thankfully, with the advances in technology, hearing devices (hearing aids or amplifiers) can immensely improve your ability to hear normally (as you were able to hear before hearing loss).

In our guide below, we have taken a look at the digital hearing aids that have come to the fore in recent times.

Hearing aid technology

Today, digital hearing aids can also be upgraded through OEM or third party supplied accessories. These accessories also allow you to sync audio from your MP3 players or TV to your hearing aid. A novel feature available to people with hearing aids is the “Hearing Loop” technology. This particular feature emits a magnetic signal that is received by a small-coiled wire located inside the hearing aid, which pushes the sound into the user’s ear.

Another neat feature that modern digital hearing aids have is a small size. Far from being ugly and obtrusive things sticking out of your ear, these digital hearing aids fit discreetly inside the ear canal. However, you might have to sacrifice some features for the additional styles.

Simply put, modern digital hearing aids can help almost every individual with mild to severe hearing loss achieve better hearing. The rapid development of ever more sophisticated digital signal processing technologies and algorithms make digital hearing aids the best choice to achieve better hearing.

Digital hearing aids are uniquely able to process and separate out troublesome background noise while simultaneously enhancing critical speech signals necessary for understanding. Because a more precise prescription is possible, your Hearing Professional will be able to bring you closer to normal hearing than is possible with traditional analog instruments.

One of the most important factors in favor of digital hearing aids advantage is the ability to reprogram your hearing aids as needed to accommodate a worsening hearing loss. If this should happen to you, your Hearing Professional can easily reprogram your hearing aids in the office by simply interfacing the device with a computer.

Digital Hearing aids offer the following important features to improve your listening comfort:

Enhances speech signals and reduces bothersome background noise to ensure you hear as well as you possibly can.

Eliminates the feedback normally associated with analog instruments for a more comfortable listening experience.

Automatically adapts to changing listening environments without the need to manually adjust the volume level.

Today’s digital hearing aids are ideal for individuals with an active business and social life who demand the best possible performance from their hearing aids.

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