Sound Allergy

Sound Allergy

There are many types of allergies, but there is an allergy. The incidence rate is high but it has not been taken seriously by many people. This is the sound allergy.Sound allergy is also called hypersensitivity.According to relevant statistics, nearly 40% of patients with tinnitus are caused by allergies, and the proportion of patients with hearing allergies and tinnitus is more than 90%.Therefore, the occurrence of tinnitus and deafness, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time to check whether the sound is allergic.

Hearing is a clinical condition in which a patient’s tolerance to normal environmental noise is reduced.To put it simply, normal people don’t feel uncomfortable. Hearing allergies think they can’t adapt or exaggerate the feeling of environmental sound.

Cases that are clinically exposed to sound allergies due to wearing headphones for a long time are common.A 23-year-old Miss Wang has had the experience of wearing headphones for listening to English for a long time.Later, I gradually found that my ears began to be sensitive to some small sounds. For example, when I heard the sound of a dog in the distance and the sound of a paper towel, my ears were sore and painful, like a sharp thing to drill inside.Then there are serious symptoms of tinnitus.This is a typical sound allergy.However, because the awareness rate of this disease is low, many patients come to the hospital for treatment because of tinnitus and deafness.

To prevent allergies, you should first reduce the use of headphones to protect your hearing.Wearing earplugs will filter out the low-frequency ambient noise, which may cause hearing deterioration over time.

In addition, many people were only hearing allergies at the beginning, but in the end they gradually developed into tinnitus.From the prognosis, 85% of allergies may be cured, but once the tinnitus is developed, it is difficult to cure.Therefore, once there is a manifestation of voice allergies, you should seek medical treatment promptly.

■ Detection: self-testing sound allergy

If the following performance occurs, it can be judged as a voice allergy.Such as the tolerance of environmental noise and other sounds, such as electrical appliances, such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, traffic noise.Or feel uncomfortable with small sounds such as dog barking, paper towels, and newspapers in the distance.

■ Inducement: psychological factors have a big impact

The negative emotions caused by psychological conflicts and trauma are the reasons for this disease.Excessive fatigue, the destruction of the routine of work and rest, and the lack of adequate rest are also factors.In addition, malnutrition and the like can also induce a voice allergy.

■ Resolution: multiple diseases are confusing

 Sound allergies are easily confused with other diseases.For example, facial paralysis can manifest as hyperalgesia and earache in the early stages of the disease.Migraine, cerebral thrombosis, etc. can also show symptoms of hearing allergy.


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