Scientific use of ear to prevent deafness

Scientific use of ear to prevent deafness

Prevention first, after treatment

About 10% of people around the world have Hearing impairment. Among these people, one-third of the hearing loss is due to the lack of knowledge about how to protect. What is particularly worrying is that human beings are now more vulnerable to hearing loss than ever before, because when the noise pollution that exists around us is getting worse every day, the hygienic habits of people using ear are still not widely developed, and they are exposed to noise. Little is known about the hazards in the environment and how to protect your hearing in a noisy environment.

So how does the noise hurt?hearing What about it?

People stay permanently or intermittently in a harsh environment or a pulsed sound (short but intense sound) for too long,inner ear The sensory structure is impaired and can lead to permanent hearing loss. At the same time, it may be accompanied by the occurrence of tinnitus symptoms, which may gradually disappear or last for a long time, and may also appear intermittently.

How do we deal with the noise environment?

The pitch of the sound is the frequency of the sound. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). Although people can perceive the sound of 20—20000Hz, the sound of 2000—5000Hz is the most sensitive area that humans can perceive. It is the area where speech information is concentrated and the area with the most noise destructive power.

The intensity of the sound is measured in terms of sound pressure level (SPL), which is what we usually call decibels (d B ). The speech sound pressure level in daily conversation is 50-70 d B .

Sound pressure level table for common noise:

Motorcycle / Hair Dryer / Weeding Machine / Blower 80—-90 d B

Sawmill / Firecracker 100—110 d B

Rock/Disc 110—125 d B

Ambulance siren / jet in the air 119—140 d B

The US Center for Occupational Safety and Health stipulates that the maximum acceptable sound energy of the human body is as follows:

90 d B SPL 8 hours

95 d B SPL 4 hours

100 d B SPL 2 hours

105 d B SPL 1 hours

110 d B SPL 30 minutes

115 d B SPL 15 minutes

How to protect your hearing?

1, try to avoid being in a dangerous environment (if you want to increase the volume to hear your voice, it means your environment is a hearing danger zone.)

2 limits the time spent in a strong environment.

3, wear ear protectors or earmuffs when in a strong environment.

4 helps protect the hearing of children who are not yet self-protected.

5, don’t turn the volume of the Walkman or the in-car player too loud.

6 improves alertness to strong noise.

7, let your ears relax 24 hours after coming out of dangerous noise environment.

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