Quality Mini Ear Internal Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid

Quality Mini Ear Internal Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid

  • Model Number:JH-900
  • Color:Beige
  • Max Sound Output:125±3dB
  • Sound Gain:>=50dB
  • Total Harmonic Wave Distortion:≤5%
  • Frequency Range:100-6000Hz
  • Input Noise:<= 30dB
  • Voltage:DC1.5V
  • Current:<=4mA
  • Battery Size:A10
  • Hearing Aid Size:1.4cm*1.7cm


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The CIC hearing aid JH-900C is a micro mini size with the pull line for pulling from the ear canal fitting in the canal.This hearing amplifier aid has a volume adjustment wheel. It can be used for a long time after adjusting the volume to a proper level to suit oneself, without daily adjustment.  The newly designed anti-accidental touch control button can avoid the unintentional adjustment of the volume during the wearing process and the normal use.

Product Specifications

Max Sound Output125±3dB
Sound Gain>=50dB
Total Harmonic Wave Distortion≤5%
Frequency Range100-6000Hz
Input Noise<= 30dB
Battery SizeA10
Hearing LossModerate , Mild
Hearing Aid Size1.4cm*1.7cm
CertificationsCE,ROHS,ISO13485(Medical CE),Free Sale(CFS)

Product Features

  1. A key switch, a key to adjust the volume, easy operation;
  2. Corresponding uncomfortable threshold properly adjust the maximum output, protect ear, low distortion;
  3. 3 different shape earplugs are provided, which can fit different people’s ear;
  4. Mini ITC hearing aid type which can be hided in the ear and invisible;
  5. Beautiful design with useful pulling line to help take out the hearing aid from the ear;
  6. Factory directly sell, reasonable price, high quality.

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