Loud Sound BTE Types Of Analogue Hearing Aid

Loud Sound BTE Types Of Analogue Hearing Aid

  • Model Number:JH-115
  • color:Beige, light coffee
  • properties:Amplify the sound aid for hearing
  • Size:14mm x 9mm x 43mm
  • Frequency Range:200-4000Hz
  • Battery:LR754
  • Working Time:15hours
  • certificate:CE,ROHS,ISO13485,ISO9000
  • accessories:ear tips ,battery,manual book,velvet box
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Our JH-115 power tone behind ear BTE Hearing Aid is a quality small case hearing aid which can help you hear the sound clearly and loudly. The volume can be adjustable with 1-4 different levels.By switching the Mode of N-H trimmer,you can hear better at different place for low frequeny or high frequency sound.When you see the film, watch the play&TV, radio,have meeting & classes,this JH-115 small bte hearing aids can help you to hear the sound clearly and loudly.

Product Specification

Title of commodity/item No.:BTE Cheap Hearing Aid with Medical Ce & FDA Certification / JH115
Color:Beige/Optional colors
OSPL90:Max @  1400Hz 130.7dB
HFA Avg 121.9dB
FOG50:Max @  1400Hz 44.2dB
HFA Avg 35.1dB
Total Harmonic Wave Distortion:<= 3%
Reference Test Gain:Target  35.2dB
EQ Input Noise:29.8dB
Response Limit (63.0dB)F1 < 200     F2 = 3954Hz
Battery capacity:68Mah
Working Time:15 hours
Size:14mm x 9mm x 43mm
Hearing Loss:Slight, Moderate
Material:<Hearing aid> ABS;<Ear Cap>Silicone
Package:Gift box
Certifications:CE,ROHS,ISO13485(Medical CE),Free Sale(CFS)

Product Feature:

Upper mini-size BTE amplifier: mini sized BTE hearing amplifier is a powerful unit with noise reduction feature, perfect for those who want precise sound amplification, it is so small that others will hardly notice
Different volume levels: it has six different levels of volume that can be set according to one’s unique requirement, also, this hearing amplifier has a digital volume control for quick and accurate setting
Light and comfortable: device is extremely light, it can be comfortably worn in either ear with the spring like connection, it can fit in all sizes of ears
Low power consumption: this unit runs on batteries, unlike other BTE amplifiers, ours is designed to consume minimal amount of power to, increase battery life and lower your expenses on replacement batteries
3 different earplugs are provided, which can fit different people’s ear
Classic appearance with very cheap price and good market feedback

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