High Sound Quality Rechargeable RIE Hearing Aid With Ear Zoom Sound Amplifier

High Sound Quality Rechargeable RIE Hearing Aid With Ear Zoom Sound Amplifier

  • Model Number:JH-351R
  • Item:JH-351 RIC Hearing Aid
  • Max Sound Output:120±5dB
  • Sound Gain:≥40 dB
  • Total Harmonic Wave Distortion:≤10%
  • Frequency Range:250-5000Hz
  • Input Noise:≤32dB
  • Voltage:D.C. 1.5V
  • Current:≤3.5mA
  • Battery Size:AG5
  • Machine Sizes:3.5cm(L)*1.5cm(W)*1cm(T)
  • Power:USB Rechargeable
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JH-351R,This is a new Built In High Capacity Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Receiver in canal RIC Rechargeable Hearing aid For Hearing Sound Amplify with 2 Trimmer Mode Adjustable,Mini size and light weight, the hearing aid device can easily fit into your pocket for easy storage and add no burden to your ear.RIE Design Easy to Use Operation By a Finger Only Active Digital Noise Reduction,Use digital chip for restoring sound clearly, provide high quality clear and loud sound. Help the user rediscover the pleasure of listening to nature’s sounds or talking to others.

Product Specification

Max Sound Output125±5dB
Sound GainSound Gain
Frequency RangeFrequency Range
Input NoiseInput Noise
Mode2 Hearing Modes
CertificationsCE,ISO13485,ISO9001,Medical CE,Rohs,FDA

Product Features:

  • Audio input function. Rocker switch volume control;
  • Excellent output performance with low noise;
  • Large frequency range, including high frequency and low frequency , which covered different people’s needs;
  • OPEN FIT and RCI ear sound amplifier hearing aid, better sound hearing experience;
  • Rechargeable design, long working hours;
  • Memory function: The hearing aid can remember the volume level last time power off.


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