FDA Approved Virtually Invisible Hearing Aid


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JH-D30 aren’t your ordinary hearing aid. They’re small, invisible,rechargeable, and super comfy.JH-D30 open-fit hearing aids feature silicone Flexi fibers that allow for increased airflow, letting frequencies pass more easily into your ear and giving you more natural sound amplification. The Flexi fibers also prevent the plugging sensation commonly felt when using traditional plastic hearing aids.


  • Invisible

Sleek, functional, and practically invisible.Fits easily in your ear canal, where no one can see them.

FDA CLEARED: Designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.

NATURAL SOUND: Amazing audio fidelity.

  • Rechargeable

Completely rechargeable. No need to replace those small, expensive batteries.Just pop ’em in the case and go.JH-D30 case is more than just a pretty face. It’s also a charger. Once the case is fully charged, it can power your hearing aids for an entire week. And with fast charging, simply pop your hearing aids in the case for thirty minutes, and you’re guaranteed a few hours of uninterrupted sound.

  • Comfortable

So comfortable, you may forget you’re wearing them.JH-D30 amplify speech while reducing background noise, making it easier and more comfortable to hear in noisy settings.

FDA Approved Virtually Invisible Hearing Aid
FDA Approved Virtually Invisible Hearing Aid


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