Digital Hearing Amplifier Aid -JingHao Hearing Amplifier for Adults and Seniors

  • Model Number:JH-D19
  • Max Sound Output:113±3dB
  • Sound Gain:37±5dB
  • Total Harmonic Wave Distortion:≤10%
  • Frequency Range:200-7300Hz
  • Input Nose:≤18.8dB
  • Current:≤1.2MA
  • Battery Size:A312
  • Waterproof Rate:IPX68
  • Mode:Normal/Noise Reduction/Outdoor/Conference


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The small BTE hearing aids JH-D12-Ric are comfortable wearing behind on right right ear or left ear.It has high quality chips by new technology for low audio distortion and clearer sound. It also has a noise reduction feature that helps the user hear with maximum clarity,enjoy high sound clarity and low distortion.Safe and Convenient Charging,, convenient and fast. Long duration, full power can work for more than 18 hours.This light weight headset offers fits behind the ear using near invisible bendable earline tubes with simple one switch operation and volume hearing control. Fits perfectly behind the ears and even comfortable to wear with any pair of glasses.Easy operation ready to use Personal hearing Amplifier devices. Using the bendable ear line to place over the hear and adjust earplug for a high comfort Fit.

Product Specification:

TypeWaterproof Digital Hearing Aids
Frequency Range200-4200Hz
Waterproof & dustproofIPX8
Special FunctionWDRC and AFC
Environment Modes4 Modes: Meeting, Normal, Outdoor, Noise Reduction.
Ear TubeRight/ Left Ear Tube (Replaceable)
Hearing Channel2/4/6/8/16 (Default 4 Channel)
Input noise≤ 20dB (Occupation standard ≤ 30dB)
Hearing LossSlight, Moderate,Severe
Working Time250-300 hours
CertificationsCE,ROHS,ISO13485(Medical CE),Free Sale(CFS)
Sample in 3 Days           OEM/DEM Service         10 Year Experienced Medical Manufacture

Products Features:

  • EASY TO USE AND COMFORTABLE TO WEAR-Classic BTE sound aids ,Durable and comfortable to wear in both ears.
  • REFUSE WHISTLING and REDUCE NOISE- The personal sound amplifier device has the speech noise synchronization detection optimization, layered noise reduction to reduce background ,Low frequency noise, acoustic feedback cancellation and Dynamic Compression.
  • FEATURES-This ear aid has features digital type small size behind the ear hearing aid with AFC and WDRC function,4 hearing modes for different environment.So,4 modes are suitable for quiet , noisy and strong noisy environments respectively.
  • RECYCLING CHARGING-It is USB rechargeable hearing assist without frequent battery replacement ,charging 2~4hr for working two days

Product Details:

Frequently QA and solutions

Q:Why there are some background noise?

A:Hearing amplifiers are electronic devices, which have a quiet but occasionally noticeable sound. Sometimes, it can be a distracting noise.Actually, it is the electric current sound existing in all good machines.Generally, the higher the power, the greater the static sound.

S:Adjust to Noisy Mode when start wearing, then turn up the sound gradually. Generally, You will get used to it after 2-3 weeks.

Q:What causes the feedback?

A:If the ear dome is not inserted well into ear canal or air leaks at the ear dome edges, when the device is close to hand or wall, a certain amount of sound will go back into the microphone.The sound is re-amplified which causes that annoying whistle.

S:Try and select suitable ear dome. Put the ear dome into the ear canal and make sure it fits snugly inside.

Digital Hearing Amplifier Aid -JingHao Hearing Amplifier for Adults and Seniors
Digital Hearing Amplifier Aid -JingHao Hearing Amplifier for Adults and Seniors


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