BTE Ear Sound Amplifier Super Mini Hearing Aid Device

BTE Ear Sound Amplifier Super Mini Hearing Aid Device

  • Model Number:JH-158
  • Max.saturater volume output:128±5 dB
  • Max voice gain:40±5 dB
  • Harmonic distortion:≤10%(1000 Hz)
  • Equivalent input noise level:30dB
  • Frequency range:300—4500 Hz
  • Battery voltage:DC 1.5V
  • N.W:9KGS
  • G.W: 10KGS
  • SIZE:51*38*28CM
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This analog hearing aids JH-158 have the easy-to-use volume wheel adjustment by one finger and top quality noise reduction and feedback cancellation circuits to give you the clear and loud sound wearing behind the ear,and we are confident that this hearing amplifier device will meet your needs for improving the mild to severe hearing loss level. With volume control for sound adjustment,just simply put the BTE rechargeable hearing aid on your ear and start enjoying the natural sounds around you, there is no complex setup necessary.

Product Specification:

Title of commodity/item bte best hearing aids case ear sound hearing aid machine price in philippines (JH-158)
ColorBeige/Optional colors
Frequency Range200-3500Hz
OSPL90Max @ 700Hz 132.7dB
HFA Avg 106.3dB
FOG50Max @ 1000Hz 52.2dB
HFA Avg 51.6dB
Total Harmonic Wave Distortion<= 3%
Reference Test Gain35.2dB
EQ Input Noise30dB
Response LimitF1 < 200   F2 = 3421Hz
Battery capacity68Mah
Working Time15hours
Size40mm x 9mm x 13mm
Hearing LossSlight, Moderate
Material<Hearing aid> ABS;<Ear Cap>Silicone
PackageGift box
CertificationsCE,ROHS,ISO13485(Medical CE),Free Sale(CFS)

Product Feature: 

1.Upper mini-size BTE amplifier: mini sized BTE hearing amplifier is a powerful unit with noise reduction feature, perfect for those who want precise sound amplification, it is so small that others will hardly notice
2.Different volume levels: it has six different levels of volume that can be set according to one’s unique requirement, also, this hearing amplifier has a digital volume control for quick and accurate setting
3.Light and comfortable: device is extremely light, it can be comfortably worn in either ear with the spring like connection, it can fit in all sizes of ears
4.Low power consumption: this unit runs on batteries, unlike other BTE amplifiers, ours is designed to consume minimal amount of power to, increase battery life and lower your expenses on replacement batteries
5.3 different earplugs are provided, which can fit different people’s ear 6.Classic appearance with very cheap price and good market feedback

Standard Accessories : 

1 X Hearing aids case ear sound hearing aid machine
3 X Ear tips
2 X LR754 Battery
1 X Manual book
Packing Details : Standard packing ,neutral packing, your packing are welcome

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