Listen well-quality of life

Listen well-quality of life

It can affect anyone from young to old: hearing impairments can be similar to obstacles seen by people of any age.One in six people in Germany suffer from hearing loss.what is the reason?May be different: hearing loss due to persistent noise, age-related hearing loss, hearing problems due to genetic or general infections or illnesses.Hearing loss usually begins to spread and the initial signs are barely detectable.Although hearing is gradually declining, affected people usually do not want to accept it.

However, the consequences of everyday life can have a profound impact: listening is the key to our social life!

Hearing connects us to the environment.Through our ears, we communicate with family, friends and colleagues.As a complex organ, the ear plays an important role in our lives – listening to all aspects of our daily lives.Because our hearing has been active.

Use our ears …

We develop language

We like music

We perceive the laughter of us and others

We understand movies and drama

We are aware of the danger

What happens when I listen?From sound waves to listening to impressions

Spoken words arrive in our auricle in the form of sound waves and are transmitted through the ear canal to the eardrum.During this process, the tympanic membrane will vibrate and cause movement of the small bones (hammer, anvil, in bone) of the middle ear .The small bone is not only connected to the tympanic membrane but also connected by a stir plate with inner ears .Therefore, through the movement of the tympanic membrane and the ossicle, the acoustic pulse is transmitted to the inner ear filled with lymph, which causes fluctuations there.

Our inner ear also contains sensitive hair cells, which stimulate the hair cells to produce bioelectrical pulses.Now, hearing information is transmitted to the hearing center of the brain through nerve fibers in the form of electrical signals and processed there.There are different stimuli that can be explained there, so the perception and differentiation of sound, sound and language is possible.Identify the stored voice patterns and understand what you hear.

Take the sign seriously

Hearing loss not only affects social life, but also affects our health.Therefore, even the initial hearing loss can lead to significant limitations.For example, understanding speech in a noisy environment, even when understanding quiet conversation partners (such as children).Usually high frequencies are affected, ie bright tones.However, as hearing loss increases, the audible spectrum continues to shrink, and the brain loses the ability to recognize the difference between the two sounds (distinguishing performance).Therefore, it is more important to identify and treat even small hearing impairments in time to effectively offset the consequences of hearing loss.Friends, relatives or colleagues of the affected people can also help.

Don’t be afraid of hearing tests!

After talking briefly about your hearing impairment, your ear, nose and throat specialists will ideally diagnose before visiting us and then perform a hearing analysis so that we can specifically target your hearing loss.Based on all the information, we will introduce you to different hearing aid models later, which are best suited to provide you with the best personal hearing loss.Even after the hearing aid supply is complete, we will keep in touch with you and check your hearing aids regularly, or optimize settings if necessary (for example, if you have problems with hearing care).

Jinghao hearing aids are happy to help you enjoy your life without losing your hearing!


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