How to Clean Hearing Aids

How to Clean Hearing Aids

Most often people do not clean hearing aids on their own. They get help from their audiologist. But this is not necessary in most cases as it is possible to clean the hearing aids and care for them at home and keep them in good working condition.

The tiny size of hearing aids makes it difficult for them to operate in the ear canal, which has moisture and earwax. It is necessary to keep the hearing aids clean of the ear wax and moisture as it will help in reliable performance and avoid costly repairs. Furthermore, as hearing aids are pretty expensive it helps to learn the cleaning and care process.

Want to know which hearing aid cleaning tools are the best to keep your hearing aids clean and well working?

Hearing aid care tips

Once you start using your hearing aids you should ensure the cleaning and care of your hearing aid is done as part of the daily routine you maintain. Without proper cleaning you can hear muffled or whistling sound, which can cause damage to the receiver. Here are a few tips:

Use proper hearing aid cleaning tools

A brush and wax pick are essential tools for cleaning the hearing aid at home. Ear wax often accumulates on the hearing aid opening present in the end that rests in the ear canal. To keep the hearing aid clean use a brush and pick to clean the wax from the hearing aid.

Practice good hygiene

Remove your hearing aids while you do your cleanliness routine such as when you wash and shower your hair and face. This will prevent the soap or water from causing damage to the hearing aids. Replace the hearing aids after you have applied gels, sprays or other hair products.

Cleaning time

Makes sure you clean the hearing aid prior to bedtime. This will give sufficient time for the hearing aids to dry before you use them again.

What to avoid while cleaning

Do not use alcohol or other chemical wipes for cleaning hearing devices as these can damage the hearing device.

When the surrounding temperature is too cold or hot avoid exposing the hearing aids to the extreme temperature. For instance, if you are shoveling snow from the driveway, leave the hearing aids safely inside your house rather than placing them inside your pocket.

Similarly, when you want to use the swimming pool on a hot summer day, keep the hearing aids inside rather than placing them poolside exposing them to the hot temperature.

Battery care

For hearing aids of all types, you should remove the batteries at night and let the battery compartment dry overnight, by keeping it open. Use a cleaning brush to clean the compartment.

Cleaning tips for in the ear hearing aids (ITE hearing aid)

The device openings including microphone ports should be cleaned with extra care using a brush given for the purpose or a toothbrush with soft bristles. This helps to clear the wax buildup.

While cleaning, grip the device in such a way that the opening to be cleaned is facing downward. This will help all loose particles fall down instead of being packed inside.

Use a hook or wax pick to clear the holes of clogged material that did not come with brush.

Finally wipe the device using a tissue or dry cloth. This will clean the debris attached to device case.

Cleaning tips for BTE hearing aids

First inspect the hearing aid for presence of debris. Remove the debris using a dry and clean cloth or soft brush.

Detach the ear mold from the attaching hook and clean it.

For ear molds made of soft material, which tends to stain and discolor over time, clean the material daily and soak it in soapy and warm water once in a week.

After cleaning let the molds dry fully preferably overnight.

Avoid using chemicals or alcohol on the hearing aid as it can damage the material.

It is common for ear molds to develop some odor after using for some time. If the odor is very intense, it indicates presence of infection. In such a case, you should consult the hearing care professional.

To flush water out from the tubing use bulb blower and let the tubing dry overnight.

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