How long does the hearing aid battery last?

How long does the hearing aid battery last?

Generally, users will ask a question when fitting hearing aids.

How long can a hearing aid battery last?

Zinc air battery is a special battery for hearing aids. Since it starts to activate after contact with air, each battery will have a colored sticker on it when it leaves the factory. If you have looked closely at the color of the stickers, you will find that there is much to come.

After we remove the sticker, in order to make the air and zinc air battery more complete activation and reaction, it is recommended that you can dry the battery for about 3 minutes before putting it in the hearing aid, such a small action can make the battery completely Activation and more stable use time.

675 #: 9-20 days on average

13 #: 6-14 days on average

312 #: 3-10 days on average

10 #: 3-5 days on average

This time is the average use time

But also remind everyone that once the chemical reaction starts, there is no way to stop it. The wear of the battery and the chemical reaction inside are irreversible, so there is no need to stick the torn sticker back to the battery.

Generally speaking, the validity period of zinc air battery is 3 years. Please pay attention to temperature and humidity during storage. It is recommended that you store it at room temperature. It does not need to be stored in the refrigerator, and avoid high humidity and temperature places (such as bathrooms, heating On-chip), and also to avoid contact with metal objects, such as: keychains, coins, etc .; contact with these metal objects will cause short circuits, which will affect the battery life and use time.

So how to extend the battery life?

First point: After removing the sticker, let it stand for 3 minutes, and then put the battery in the hearing aid to fully activate the battery.

Second point: Open the hearing aid door when not in use.

Third point: Keep away from hot and humid environment, please avoid contact with metal objects.
As long as the above points can be achieved, the battery life will be more stable.


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