How digital hearing aids work

How digital hearing aids work

Today, the world is connected through digital communication and smartphones.  At home you are entertained with a digital TV, a digital media player or a digital sound system, or a mix of them. You rely on your digital GPS directions when driving. We live in a digital landscape, so shouldn’t a solution for your hearing loss be digital too?

In a hearing aid there is a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver, and a hearing aid battery (replaceable or rechargeable). With digital hearing aids, the amplifier really takes center stage.

The amplifier in digital hearing aids acts as a computerized brain. When it processes the speech and audio picked up by the microphone and sends it to the receiver and into your ears, it doesn’t simply make sounds louder. That is what analog hearing aids do. Instead, a digital hearing aid amplifier acts smartly to bring all the fine nuances and qualities of natural sound to life, to suit different settings, so you can control and enjoy them in personalized and comfortable ways.

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