Hearing aids

Hearing aids

Many people don’t understand the classification of hearing level, Jinghao will explain it to you: normal hearing -10-25dB, mild 26–40dB, moderate 41-55dB, moderate severe 56-70dB, severe 71– 90dB, extreme severity is greater than 90dB, general hearing is below 40 decibels, it is necessary to start wearing hearing aids. In theory, whether it is an adult or a child, as long as a more accurate audiogram can be obtained, you should choose a better performing digitally programmed hearing aid Because for hearing compensation, digitally programmed hearing aids have more advantages. However, in view of the actual situation of patients and families, it is unrealistic to wear all digital devices, so there is still a problem of hearing aid selection.

Jinghao medical hearing aid reminder: hearing aids need to be professionally “fitted”, it is very important to choose a professional hearing aid fitting center and hearing aid fittings! All patients and friends have any hearing problems can call the Jinghao medical consultation, or personally Come to the fitting center experience. Hearing aid free consultation phone: +86-752-2299187

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