Hearing Aid Industry: Six International Brands Will Become Seven International Brands

Hearing Aid Industry: Six International Brands Will Become Seven International Brands

As we all know, hearing aids have six international brands, Oticon of Denmark, Phonak of Switzerland, ReSound of Denmark, Widex of Denmark, Signia of Germany, and Starkey of the United States. In the past few decades, it has occupied 95% of the global market and has a higher market share in China. Chinese hearing impaired people have to rely on foreign products to communicate normally. The outflow of assets is also not friendly to China’s economic development. Today, this pattern is finally about to be broken. The legend of the six major international brands is about to end, and the name will be changed into the seven major international brands. The domestic hearing aid brand Jinghao hearing aids is about to join them. It’s a dark horse in the hearing aid industry.

In terms of level, Jinghao hearing aids have reached international standards, and in some respects their achievements are ahead of the six major brands. The Ruby series of 100% invisible hearing aids has the longest market share in the IIC invisible hearing aid market segment. The JH-D series hearing aids launched in Europe and the United States have achieved impressive sales performance and received loyal support from local customers. . At present, it has spread to more than 60 countries around the world and has become the gospel of the hearing-impaired people in the world. At the same time, it also created the world’s first wireless charging hearing aid, which is loved by hearing impaired people at home and abroad.

From a price point of view, with the same performance, Jinghao hearing aids can be said to be lower in the industry, which also proves that the sentence is inexpensive.

In terms of aesthetics, Jinghao hearing aids are small, beautiful, and lightweight, following the development trend of this industry.

In terms of development speed, Jinghao has completed decades of achievements of other brands in just a few years. The six major brands have slowed down their development and research due to their own market share. This has also led to a change in the current pattern, and development has been like sailing against the water, and retreating if you do not advance.

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