Guarding your hearing and getting healthy,starting with your hearing

Guarding your hearing and getting healthy,starting with your hearing

In this era when young people are popular in hot cups, people’s health awareness is getting stronger and stronger. So, do you know your hearing?

Every time people talk about the ear, the first thing they think of is the auricle, which is also part of the auditory system and belongs to one of the components of the outer ear.

The human ear hearing system is mainly divided into three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear.

The outer ear includes the outer ear canal except for the auricle;

The outside of the middle ear is the tympanic membrane, and the inner boundary is an oval window, which is composed of the tympanic cavity, mastoid, sinus sinus and eustachian tube;

The inner ear, also known as the lost, is located in the sacral rock. From the anatomical function, the inner ear includes the vestibule, semicircular canal and cochlea.

Lesions in any part of the hearing system may cause varying degrees of hearing impairment, such as sputum, otitis media, and sudden deafness.

In addition, some systemic diseases such as mumps, sepsis, leukemia and aplastic anemia can also impair hearing.

Different degrees of hearing loss will also have different performances. It is not only hearing loss that is completely inaudible.

In addition to hearing problems, patients with hearing loss also have communication problems, social problems, social relations problems, and psychological problems.

Listening and communication problems are the main causes of social, social and psychological problems, and psychological problems can further aggravate social and social relations.

For the hearing impaired, the most difficult dilemma is that there are hearing impairments, which often affect the degree of education, and the scope of employment and job opportunities are relatively reduced;

Moreover, because of communication difficulties in public places and noise environments, social activities and interpersonal relationships are restricted;

At the same time, in the entertainment life, such as friends gatherings, watching movies and concerts, because of hearing impairment, entertainment activities are limited. . .

All of the above factors have caused hearing-impaired people to feel that they are farther and farther away from the mainstream life, and this often leads to different levels of psychological problems in adults with hearing disabilities.


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