For yourself, people who care more about you, please wear hearing aids as soon as possible.

For yourself, people who care more about you, please wear hearing aids as soon as possible.

Communication allows us to listen to the joys and worries of others, and also enables us to talk and laugh with our relatives and friends, share our thoughts, and make our interpersonal relationships more harmonious.

But what if you suffer from hearing loss and let it go, how does it affect your relationships?

For you, letting you lose your hearing loss will widen the distance between you and your relatives and friends, amplify the contradictions between each other, and make a simple chatter “close to the horizon”, and eventually the relationship may become strange or even broken.

In addition, if you have hearing loss, you may also bring some loss and exhaustion to those around you.Those good times, intimate whispers, romantic words may gradually disappear, and the power of life will also collapse.

Why is it so difficult for us to socialize after hearing loss?

Suppose you are a weak person, please think about the relatives and friends around you:

If it is simple, it needs to be explained over and over again. What kind of experience is it?

How do you feel when your TV and radio are too noisy and you have to leave the room?

Need to retell other friends for your “simultaneous translation”, what is the experience?

A 2019 study in the UK showed that lethal hearing loss can have a very negative impact on relationships.

Of the 1,500 people with hearing impairment who were surveyed, 44% said that their relationship with their partner, friend or family member was affected by hearing loss;

Another 34% said that communication problems caused by hearing loss led to friendship and marital breakdown.

If interventions on hearing loss, such as the selection of hearing aids, really help with interpersonal relationships?

The answer is yes.

The Hear the World Foundation has surveyed 4,300 people, 68% of whom have improved their interpersonal relationships after using hearing aids; 44% said they have feelings with their spouses after wearing hearing aids. Life has improved.

So, what are the benefits of wearing a hearing aid?

Improve the intimacy between friends and relatives

Think about how hearing loss affects your daily life.

For example, does the family usually leave the room because the TV sound is too loud?Or is it often complaining to you because the TV sound is too noisy?

In fact, these alienation or complaints are caused by hearing loss, and let your family and friends reduce your intimacy.

At this time, the hearing aid can help you to resolve the alienation, so that you can chat with your family intimately and happily.

Imagine that when you wear a hearing aid, you and your family can revisit the TV series, comment on the plot of a bridge in the play, and share their feelings about the plot or sad or happy.

A common experience with each other creates a common theme and enhances your intimacy.

Simply put, wearing a hearing aid allows you to regain your voice, return to the “boss” of your home, and have a closer relationship with your family.

Rejoice socially

Maybe in the past, your husband and wife liked to go out for dinner with friends, but now you are getting more and more uninterested because of hearing loss.

Imagine, in a noisy restaurant, because of hearing loss, you can’t hear what your friends are talking about, and mistakenly think that the waiter introduces the special dishes in a “speaking”.

So, if you let your spouse go to the appointment, you choose to stay at home, and just do something to eat and send your stomach.

If you have a similar experience, then you should consider doing something.

A recent study by the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia showed that social activities can enhance the relationship between husband and wife and make them closer.Choosing the right hearing aid for you will make you feel like social life again.

Drive away negative emotions

There are security tips when you fly:

In the case of a cabin buck, please wear an oxygen mask before you help others. ”

The same principle applies to interpersonal relationships.In order to cultivate a relationship between a partner, a friend, and a family, you must first manage your emotional health.

Studies have shown that lethal hearing loss has a significant negative impact on mental mood, making the incidence of depression higher, and exacerbating your loneliness, frustration, and anger; and timely selection of hearing aids will improve your quality of life and reduce Negative emotions.

So if you suffer from hearing loss, either for yourself or for those who care about you,

Please make an appointment with a professional, conscientious and responsible hearing aid fitter, choose a hearing aid that suits you, and return to the world of sound, so that your good life is not lost due to hearing loss.


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