Fitting process 2: hearing detection

Fitting process 2: hearing detection

1. Understanding medical history and otoscopy

By understanding your hearing situation, the hearing specialist will fully grasp and analyze the cause, time, extent, etc. of your hearing loss.

2. for hearing detection

Hearing detection includes: pure tone audiometry (air conduction test, bone conduction test, discomfort threshold test, etc.), speech audiometry, sound field evaluation, acoustic impedance, real ear analysis, etc., through the hearing test to get your accurate, A complete and comprehensive audio data report provides a scientific basis for the next step in selecting a hearing aid.

Hearing loss makes everyday life more challenging. Hearing the phone or doorbell ring, keeping up with conversations, following a movie or TV show, or even enjoying the sounds of nature, are harder for seniors who have hearing loss. We take a look at the best hearing aids for seniors.

Finding the right hearing aid can go a long way towards making life sound good again. A good hearing aid makes it easier to hear in most situations, even crowded restaurants or concert venues. And with so many hearing aids today designed to be discreet and light, there’s no need to worry about how they look or whether other people can see them. These days there are plenty of companies producing hearing aids so tiny and discreet that no one else will know you’re wearing them.

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