Correct use of hearing aids to improve hearing loss

Correct use of hearing aids to improve hearing loss

Hearing aids provide hearing compensation for hearing impaired persons, so the use of hearing aids is essential.Choosing a good hearing aid is a good way to improve the quality of recovery for people with hearing disabilities.

Hearing impairment, hidden disability

Children Doctor said that in real life, many parents did not realize that it is a serious problem for children to not speak after one or two years old, and some even use “the lateness of the noble language” to come from my comfort.In fact, the slow development of the child’s language at this time has been related to hearing impairment.

According to experts, children’s hearing loss is a silent and hidden disability disorder, which can not express language communication with parents when they are children or infants.If parents do not notice and intervene in time, it will lead to developmental delays in children’s language, problems such as social interaction, mental development and learning difficulties.If the child does not have speech stimuli within two to three years after birth, then in the future growth and development process, the best potential for language function development will not be obtained.

To this end, experts suggest that because language development is very fast in the first few months of pediatric growth, it is important to teach hearing-impaired children to learn language communication skills as early as possible, and to interpret hearing-impaired children as early as possible.

When parents find that their child has suspicious hearing impairment, they must go to the regular hospital for detailed examination and treatment. Through early intervention, the hearing-impaired children can regain their hearing, further making their speech-perceived ability close to or even reach the normal child’s development level. .For children with conductive hearing loss, hearing conditions can be improved by drugs, surgery, etc.For children with sensorineural hearing loss, a hearing aid or cochlear implant surgery is required to regain hearing.

Choosing a hearing aid is key

Experts said that due to various factors, hearing loss, deafness, especially in infants and young children with moderate to severe deafness, in the age of no rehabilitation measures such as hearing aids, these children are not vague and unclear when they grow up, that is, folk It is often said that the “10th and 9th dumb” has brought a heavy burden to individuals, families and society.

With the rapid development of the hearing aid rehabilitation discipline, the hearing difficulties of many deaf patients have been lifted.Director Cheng introduced: Hearing aids are similar to loudspeakers, mainly composed of microphones, amplifiers, earphones or bone guides and power supplies.The sound is turned into a weak electrical signal, which is amplified by the amplifier and transmitted to the human ear through the earphone.According to experts, due to this principle, infants and young children can wear the hearing aids as soon as possible, and they can learn the same language and speak as normal children of the same age, and even go to school and work without delay.Adult deaf people wearing hearing aids can improve hearing, overcome difficulties in life, and get rid of the troubles of deafness.Older deaf people wear hearing aids, and the ears are able to recover and re-enjoy life.

Experts point out that only conductive deafness is currently possible to improve hearing through surgery or medication.For sensorineural deafness, there is currently no effective treatment, and hearing aids should be considered, but the choice of hearing aids should be considered with caution.Although there is no limit to the age at which hearing aids are used, both children and the elderly should be selected for wear based on the degree of hearing loss.The correct method is: it must be worn after a professional audiologist’s examination and testing.If the hearing aid is chosen at will, if the sound of the hearing aid exceeds the load that the hearing loss can bear, it will damage the wearer’s residual hearing, and some will further increase the degree of hearing loss, and may even damage the auditory nerve.

Expert advice: wear hearing aids step by step, slowly adapt.In the first few weeks, try not to wear them in noisy places.After that, increase the wearing time every day, initially should not exceed 1 to 3 hours. When you feel nervous or tired, you should take off your hearing aid and rest for a few hours.


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