Characteristics of senile deafness

Characteristics of senile deafness

Otologists often diagnose senile deafness in the elderly, with binaural symmetry and progressive sensorineural deafness. However, the elderly do not necessarily have problems with the aging of the auditory system. Therefore, not all elderly people suffer from senile deafness. On the contrary, there are middle-aged people and even young people who are beginning to age in the auditory system.

Senile sputum refers to deafness caused by aging of the hearing system. The performance of senile sputum is not exactly the same, but most of them have two common characteristics: one is that the hearing loss of both ears is basically the same; the other is that the high frequency hearing loss is the main one at the beginning, that is, those who can’t hear clearly are those the sound of. In addition, fear of noisy, inaudible, obvious tinnitus, easy to aggravate deafness after a period of illness or anger is also a common problem of senile convulsions.

Aging is a universal law of nature. So far, there is no definitive method to reverse this process. Therefore, senile sputum is incurable, but it may be partially relieved. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding various impairments of hearing factors can delay the aging of the hearing system. The selection of appropriate hearing aids and patient hearing rehabilitation training for elderly patients with sputum remains the most effective “treatment” method to date.

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