Advantages of an open-ear hearing aid

Advantages of an open-ear hearing aid

In the usual sense, in-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aids are the most common.In

In the country, the proportion of people who are equipped with ear and back machines is about 2:1.The body of the ear machine

Located behind the ear, it is connected to the ear mold in the ear canal through a curved sound tube.However, in order to look

To be more beautiful, people usually like to wear in-ear hearing aids.However, the ear back machine has many advantages.

Potential, for example: easy to wear, easy to switch on and off, it is easier to replace the battery.Moreover, the ear back machine

The ear mold is separated from the body, which is beneficial to the cleaning and maintenance of the ear mold.The ear back machine also has audio input

It can be connected directly to the audio equipment to avoid interference from outside noise.

Open fitting – improving sound quality and comfort
The ear can be used for both open and closed fittings.Closed fitting is used

The ear mold is almost completely blocked by the outer ear or the ear canal. Then, by opening the ear mold

Stomata, hearing experts can change the sound quality of the hearing aid and the comfort of wearing, making it suitable for wearing

Individual needs.In general, the more open the ear mold, the higher the comfort of the

The release test ensures that the ear canal is completely open, keeping the ear canal ventilated and dry, while avoiding the wearer

The distortion of your own voice can also abnormally enlarge the swallowing and chewing sounds (if using your fingers)

Blocking the ear canal and then swallowing or chewing will produce a similar discomfort).Wear

People can feel a more natural sound because the sound is transmitted directly to the tympanic membrane, keeping the outer ear and

The original orientation of the ear canal.Open fitting can also give high-frequency signals for optimal placement.

Open system?well!But only some hearing aids can be implemented!

Open fitting when considering the sound quality and wearing comfort of the hearing aid

Always the best choice, keep the ear canal as open as possible, the latest technology can even

The sound tube is directly inserted into the ear canal without using an ear mold.However, not all backs are suitable for

Open fitting, only those with excellent sound reproduction, hard to detect noise and

Hearing aids with effective acoustic feedback management capabilities enable open fittings to be implemented.another

In addition, open fittings may result in the appearance of high frequency feedback howling.

Open fitting is not suitable for a variety of hearing loss people.In general, the applicable object

For mild to moderate hearing loss or high frequency steep drop loss.The more severe the hearing loss, the more needed

The ear mold blocks the ear canal, thereby avoiding the occurrence of acoustic feedback while maximizing the sound.for

Choosing the right hearing aid, it is best to consult an audiologist.Especially for the first fitting

Careful consideration and consultation before the selection is very important to improve the satisfaction of the fitting.Consultation

Asking for expert advice also ensures that the user can wear it in the future, and the effect of the hearing aid can really show up.


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