5 Best Over-The-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids of 2019

5 Best Over-The-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids of 2019

After more than 45 hours of research, reviewing and comparing dozens of OTC Hearing Aids, we have concluded that these are the 5  best over-the-counter hearing aids currently available on the market.

Over-the-counter hearing aids used to be clunky, obvious, and not always reliable. But all that’s changed.

Today’s OTC hearing aids are amazingly comfortable, often have digital capacity for super-clear sound, and can be a fraction of the cost of prescription devices.

Life with an unaddressed hearing disability can definitely be difficult. If you’ve been struggling to hear well, it’s possible you’re becoming more and more isolated.

Perhaps you avoid gatherings, where everyone seems to get the joke but you. You may wish you could have heard your grandchild’s or child’s first words clearly. It’s likely you avoid the phone, too.

Luckily, there is a great assortment of OTC hearing aids available on the market that are affordable and do not require a prescription from a doctor.

For this review, our team got to work and detailed some of the main features and the pros and cons of these top-rated over-the-counter hearing aids.

We compared prices, wearer comfort, digital capability and more. Let’s get right to it: our list of the 6 best OTC hearing aids starts below.

D26 Sound Hearing Amplifier OTC Hearing Aid

This discrete-sized hearing aid packs a lot of power. It delivers a boost of up to 53 dB to accommodate moderately hard-of-hearing wearers.

The device tucks behind the ear in your choice of gray or beige colors to blend in with your hair or glasses. Wearers say it’s virtually invisible once it’s in place. And while you’d expect a high cost for beautifully clear, digitally-amplified sound, you can buy a set of two for half the price of some digital prescription models.

D19 Digital OTC Hearing Aid

Whether you purchase left only, right only or a left/right pair, the Jinghao hearing aids comes with various size domes to fit your ears perfectly. Just put them in place and go. This over the counter hearing aid takes easy-to-find standard hearing aid batteries, making it one heck of a convenient buy.

Empower Hearing Amplifier Digital

This powerful pair (or buy just left or right) features noise cancellation for enhanced speech tones. It has 12 channels with 4 program choices so you can hear well in nearly any situation.

The device and tube are both very small. Even if you have short hair or like to wear pulled-back hairstyles, the Hearing amplifiers will be hard for others to detect.

A17 Digital OTC Hearing Aid

The cost on this little performer is so low, we had to look twice. It’s earning rave reviews from verified customers, and it’s so small it’s nearly undetectable once in place. We say: sold!

Made of medical-grade silicone, the JH-A17 Digital hearing aid is said to be extremely comfortable to wear. It features fingertip operation so you can discreetly adjust the volume control and choose from 6 different channels. (The manufacturer does say that if you have difficulty manipulating small objects, you may need a larger hearing aid.)

JH-351N OTC Hearing Amplifier Rechargeable

​We always appreciate an over-the-counter hearing aid that allows for variety in ear sizes and shapes. This model comes with several sound domes and ear tubes so you can find your perfect fit. Conveniently, it can be worn either ear.

You won’t need to worry about running out of batteries, either; this model is rechargeable. According to verified users, one full charge is good for up to about 24 hours of wear.

For the cost, it’s very tech-forward. Speech sound is separated from background noise so you hear conversations clearly. With its small size and two background noise-canceling options, this hearing aid is recommended for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

JH-905 Digital OTC Hearing Aid

Here’s another super-mini hearing aid we absolutely love. It’s just a little bit larger than an adult fingertip and is nearly undetectable when worn. The tube for removal is super-slender and won’t be noticed by most people, verified customers say.

This little device has a lot going for it. The nano-coating technology is dust– and sweat proof. It has a single-touch volume control. Adjust to your comfort level with full acoustic sound.

The kit comes with extra batteries, a cleaning brush and a variety of ear tips so you get the right fit. All of these fit into the custom carrying case, which has a sleek, modern look.

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